Wiring Fraud Disclaimer

(Cyber-Crime & Wire Fraud)

To minimize the risk of being a victim to wire fraud, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Call, Do Not Email  Confirm all wiring instructions by phone before transferring your funds. Use the phone number from the Company’s website.

  2. Be Suspicious – It is not common for our Company to change wiring instructions and payment info.

  3. Confirm It All – Ask your bank to confirm not just the bank account number but also the name on the bank account before sending the wire.

  4. Verify Immediately – You should call the Company to confirm that the funds were received. The sooner it is detected that money has been sent to a wrong account, the better chances you have of recovering the money.

  5. Forward, Do Not Reply – When responding to an email, hit forward instead of reply and type in the person’s email address. Criminals use email addresses that are very similar to the real one. By manually typing in email addresses, you can discover if a fake email was initially used by the sender.

    * The notices serve to educate our clients about electronic communication during the course of the transaction and warn clients about how to protect themselves against wire fraud.