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An official offer is made once the LOI is accepted and a fund transfer is made in exchange for your units.

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CAS Solutions

Vehicle Recovery Image

Vehicle Recovery

Do you insure new, high-value vehicles? With international goods traveling ever faster and more frequently between countries and continents, there are occasional cases of stolen vehicles. These vehicles are then shipped internationally for illegal sale. CAS can assist with the sale of the vehicle after its recovery by Interpol or the local authorities.

Repairable Inventory Assistance Program Image

Repairable Inventory Assistance Program

CAS assists you in improving customer service by giving your customers an alternative vehicle liquidation outlet if they experience a claim where the total damages are less than the threshold of a total loss. CAS works directly by offering to buy the inventory from your client. Your client is made whole or may experience a small loss. But, there is a significant benefit as they dispose of damaged products they would otherwise have difficulty selling.

Damaged Inventory Image

Damaged Inventory

If you are a new car dealership, corporate fleet or commercial fleet insurer, your clients are likely to have experienced a catastrophic loss resulting in a total loss to their fleet. CAS offers a competing solution over any low margin disposal methods you currently use. We will send in our professional evaluators to assess the damage personally and provide you with a detailed offer and timeline for the disposal process.

Case Studies

Case Study 7

A rental car company fleet suffered damaged from a hail storm. The golf ball-sized hail caused severe dents to the body panels and broke glass. Per vehicle damage estimates ranged from $3,500 to $5,500. The rental agency stakeholders wan...

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