Founder of the College Auto Sales company
Since its founding in October of 1985 as College Auto Sales, CAS has sought to fill needs within the automotive market.

Begun as a used vehicle dealership catering to college students by offering less expensive cars and financing, CAS has since evolved into a premiere global vehicle remarketer, acquiring and selling individual cars and entire fleets.
CAS began gradually evolving. In our efforts to sell to a market of college students, CAS began attracting international customers, interested in the lower-priced inventory.

This international attention combined with existing international contacts within CAS precipitated the expansion into vehicle export.
College Auto Sales office
Vehicle on the Mechanic Lift
However, in a continued effort to address the needs of automotive customers that have not yet been sufficiently met, CAS sought to differentiate ourselves from the already crowded vehicle export industry.

Due largely to the lower costs of labor internationally, CAS found our next evolutionary stage lied in the remarketing of damaged, mechanically defective and salvage vehicles.

CAS began to purchase high-quality, repairable vehicles in the United States and sold them to international customers who could repair and re-sell them abroad.
CAS was pioneering with this business model and continued the trend of innovation.

Although CAS was successful acquiring and retailing individual cars, there was still growth to be made in the market. CAS moved to working with insurance companies, purchasing lightly damaged vehicles.

With that move from a primarily B2C market to adding a B2B element, doors opened, giving CAS the opportunity to become a fleet vehicle solution, as well.
Side view mirror of a car
Vehicles on the parking
CAS entered into its first relationships with major manufacturers more than a decade ago in order to help them dispose of unsold international inventory that they had been unable to sell through conventional sales channels.

These fleets were then either split and sold individually, in smaller groups, or sold in their entirety to fleet operators around the world.
CAS Auto is the ideal trading partner for businesses dealing in new vehicles – our inventory is made up of the most desirable international brands and models, and we purchase them brand new from the manufacturer. Our Logistics team’s expertise will help you minimize transportation costs and our Sales team will provide intelligent recommendations based on your market’s requirements.
CAS team member speaking with a customer
CAS team member driving a forklift
In 2017, CAS Auto LLC was created to serve the market of discounted, new vehicles for export. Today, CAS Auto has become one of the premiere export vehicle specialists, buying and selling individual cars or entire fleets by offering value, opportunity, convenience, innovative solutions, and trustworthiness.

With unbeatable dedication to customer service, professionalism and integrity, CAS works to address the unique needs of each of our customers and partners.

With a large inventory of new and unused vehicles for export, various distribution channels, global reach, internal logistics services, and the knowledgeable CAS team, CAS Auto is a complete vehicle solution as your global vehicle discounter.
Collage of the history images of the CAS, a family owned and operated company since 1985