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Absolutely, vehicles have salvage titles for various reasons such as collision, hail, flood, fire or theft, and the level of damage varies from one claim to another. Therefore, some of these cars can be purchased at huge savings depending on the type of vehicle you purchase
Recovered Theft vehicles are vehicles that were stolen and the insurance company took ownership and obtained a salvage title. Once recovered (with or without damage) they can be sold as Recovered Theft vehicles. Some states can issue certificate of title for such vehicles if the vehicles were recovered in intact condition.
The vehicle’s original Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) plate has been replaced due to necessity, damage or removal. Replacement VIN Plates are found frequently on Recovered Theft vehicles.
These vehicles are available for export only and sold with a Commercial Invoice proof of ownership. These vehicles cannot be sold or used in United States, Canada, Mexico, or EU.
Absolutely, there are many independent inspection agencies that you may use when buying sight unseen or when you desire extra assurance before purchasing.
Absolutely, we are prepared to give you a free offer on your vehicle regardless of the condition 24 hours a day.  Please visit our sister company at


States issue Salvage or Rebuildable Titles when an insurance company takes possession of a vehicle as a result of a claim such theft, hail, flood, fire, collision, etc. These vehicles are usually repairable. Once repaired, they are then subject to a DMV inspection which deems them road worthy.
A Rebuilt Title is issued to vehicles that previously had a salvage titles but have been repaired and inspected by the local DMV, and found to be road worthy.
Title Branded Flood is a title branded or stamped with the word Flood indicating that the vehicle has suffered flood damage.
These vehicles are sold with a Certificate of Origin proof of ownership and cannot be sold or used in United States, Canada, Mexico or other N.A.F.T.A. Territories.
These vehicles are sold with a Certificate of Conformity (EU compliance) proof of ownership and cannot be sold, registered, or driven in the United States, Canada, or Mexico.


States issue non-repairable documents, to indicate that a vehicle is not road worthy and cannot be titled again in that state. This vehicle is generally purchased for parts or exported out of the United States as a parts-only vehicle.
Yes, we can assist you with or your logistic needs at very reasonable rates inland as well as across the globe. Please visit our shipping page for more details.
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